Himmelbauer-IT develops customized software for your business. Perhaps your company has processes which can not be covered with standard software applications, or currently used software products (e.g. office packages) have reached their limits? In such a case, the development of individual software is the most cost saving and efficient solution.

One corner stone is the detailed analysis of your special requirements. Our focus is to design the software to fit your specific processes and not the other way round. This leads to a suitable software architecture that is precisely specified by us and afterwards thoroughly implemented.

Software Development Process

Our customers are involved in the development and implementation process (e.g. via prototyping), to enable early testing of the software and to make sure that all the specified requirements are met.

We offer exact documentation, training of employees and maintainance of the running system in order to ensure a successful and smooth operation.

By using flexible technologies we are able to implement a large number of different applications. Some examples of these technologies are:

Python as a versatile programming language for rapid development.

Efficient relational and object-oriented databases.

wxWidgets as basis for plattform independent GUI development.

Zope3 and Pyramid as powerful framework for web applications.

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