An elaborate and individually designed IT infrastructure is a key component for optimizing processes in your company – regardless of its size. This facilitates a smooth and efficient operation, simplifies and optimizes the work flow, and enables a rapid exchange of information. In order to achive this goal, it is necessary to design an infrastructure that follows your processes and is adapted to your business needs. The key to such an an efficient and tailored IT solution is the detailed analysis of business processes in your company. Based on this analysis, we develop together with you a highly productive and reliable IT infrastructure with components customized to your requirements.

IT-Consulting and Process Analysis

Himmelbauer-IT offers compentent consulting for installation and expansion of your individual IT infrastructure and takes care of efficient implementation. Together with you we compile a complete IT infrastructure adapted to the special requirements of your company, which we afterwards gladly obtain and install for you. Popular components for which we offer innovative solutions and packages are:

Servers: especially for software and hardware requirements of small and medium-sized companies. Tailored solutions are possible by combining Linux and virtualization.

Internet & security: Application of flexible firewall and gateway solutions based on our self-developed components or on standard products.

Hardware: Notebooks, desktops, tablets, printer and other devices for workplaces.

Monitoring: Automatic monitoring of system components, recording and notification in case of failures.

Network: Installation of the necessary infrastructure for your company.

Backup: Safe and reliable solutions which are embedded in the IT infrastructure and guarantee a complete long-term history of all data.

Mail server: As an alternative to cloud-based solutions we offer cost efficient mail und groupware packages installed on your server.

Maintainance & support: Immediate and reliable assistance in case of failure.


Documentation: The complete infrastructure is precisely documented during its installation to enable a smooth operation and maintainance.

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