For us IT consulting means supporting people in their work processes.
The IT infrastructure should effectivly support our customers in their work and realization of their initial business idea. For that reason we concentrate on adapting the IT to your processes and not the other way round.

Customer-Oriented, Competent and Flexible.
Himmelbauer-IT is a small company with a high level of competence in the area of information technology.  As a result of these characteristics, we are flexible and customer-oriented. Our strength lies in the capability to efficiently analyze and structure business processes and to implement these by means of our know-how in soft- and hardware.

Individual and Reliable.
Due to the close cooperation with our customers we achieve tailor-made solutions. The reliable long-term support and maintenance of your projects and the prompt support in case of emergencies goes without saying. As a long-term companion we gladly continue to develop your IT processes along with your business.

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